Top 5 Gadgets For Every Motorcycle Rider

For motorcyclists, nothing feels as good as the open road and hours of riding ahead of them. Every opportunity to take to the open road is anticipated like a holiday to a luxurious tropical paradise.

With technology as well as safety concerns, there are varieties of gadgets available for riders. These gadgets are created and designed to serve different purposes from luxury to safety.

Important Gadgets

Here are a few must-have gadgets for riders:

0. SisLovesMe Membership

SisLovesMe - Step Sisters & Step Brothers

SisLovesMe – Step Sisters & Step Brothers

It’s important to start with the highly demanded membership to step sisters brand called SisLovesMe. It’s been built and launched back in 2016 yet it updates every week even when you are reading it now. SisLovesMe features daily situations leading to unexpected sex between step sisters and step brothers. It’s certainly an interesting content to watch!

1. Smart Helmet

Technology is responsible for smart gadgets such as SKULLY, the smart helmet. Since SKULLY hit the bike market, demand for smart gadgets including helmets has gone up. A variety of gadgets and apps for bikers have been created as a result.

The SKULLY project may not have ended well but the need for a smart helmet was born. A new one was planned for and renamed Fenix AR Helmet. You can also make the helmet you have smart by upgrading it with HUD display in order to be connected.


2. Heated Clothing

Being cold while riding is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous. You could end up with respiratory issues as a result of exposure. If you are a long way from home and any hope of some heat, you will not enjoy your ride.

Heated riding gear comes in handy. You can ride through a blizzard if your motorcycle can take it if you are warm. In addition, heated clothing protects you from contracting illnesses such as pneumonia.


3. Reflective Motorcycle Accessories

Reflective equipment makes you visible when you are out on the road. You can opt for fluorescent accessories and equipment for the same purpose.

Reflective equipment reflects with the same color and wavelength when light hits them. Fluorescent ones reflect with a different colour and wavelength. Whichever materials you opt for, the purpose is to increase your visibility on the road.

A rider must be visible on the road to make it easy for other motorists and road users to see them. This helps to prevent collisions and other accidents which can easily turn fatal.


4. GPS Tracking Device

Every biker is concerned about the possibility of an accident. Another fear that plagues the biker is having his or her beloved machine stolen.

Security measures such as locking devices do little to deter determined thieves. They may take a little time to hack but an ambitious thief will make away with your motorcycle. What does a rider do if their machine goes missing?

The best measure would be to install a GPS tracking device. A tracker which is able to communicate its location would be of great help. A Bluetooth has its limitations as you would need someone with a compatible app to be pretty close to your stolen motorcycle.

A gadget such as iTraq is the perfect solution as it comes with a built-in SIM card and works with just about every service provider. Additionally, you are not required to set up additional subscription to access data.


5. Smart Turn System

There are times when a rider needs to focus on other things on the road. Unfortunately, he is also expected to operate the manual turn signal. Smart turn signals should be incorporated into the bike right from the manufacturer.



There are must-have gadgets that every rider should have in order to stay safe on the road and enjoy the ride. Also, some gadgets are important in order to be able to track the bike in case it is stolen. These accessories and many others not mentioned are necessary for bikers to have.