Features Of The Next Generation Motorcycles

With the new wave of innovation and technology, the automotive industry today takes on a whole new look. We have self-driven and electric cars taking the world by storm. Motorcycles too are keeping up with the trends and before you know it, we will have the next generation motorcycles taking over the biking industry. Companies such as Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and BMW are unveiling technologies that will make motorcycles of the next generation safer than the previous ones with better luxurious riding experiences. Below are some of the new features to expect with the next generation of motorcycles.



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The next generation motorcycles will have improved safety as compared to the older models. The BMW for instance plans to have a self-balancing system that will make sure the motorcycle stays upright at all times when it is stationary and in motion. The system with gyroscope aiding will also have a twin engine that will allow the motorcycle to change its shape when in motion or stationary.

Suzuki on the other hand plans to have the following improvements to make the next generation motorcycle safer and better than their previous models

  • LED running lights which will be around the headlight
  • Two big air vents with a reshaped motorcycle nose4
  • Mirror indicators
  • A windscreen bigger than the previous ones
  • Better shaped and larger fuel tank
  • Lower pillion seat cover with a much wider tail
  • More vent on the side of the motorcycle and better fairing
  • Shorter and wider muffler
  • Better-looking mag wheels complete with more spokes on them.


Helmets are another feature that will make the new generation motorcycles stand out.

BMW will unveil the following helmet features on their new motorcycles

  • Built in displays, which will show the speed of the motorcycle, the fuel levels, recognize the road signs and warn of any obstacles on the road. The display will have a camera facing both forwards and backwards for better safety measures.
  • Controlling the helmet in order to avoid any unnecessary movements of the hands to the head will all be on the handle bar.
  • The system will use batteries that can run for five hours.

From Honda the next generation motorcycles will have Airbags, ABS, Steering Dampers and traction controls all controlled electronically. The radar system in the next generation of motorcycles will warn the rider of any possibility of a collision ahead and immediately slow the motorcycle down.


Michelin on the other hand plans to introduce a completely new line up of motorcycle tires that will give the bikes better stability, grip, agility and performance on the road.

Designs And Beauty

Design and beauty of the motorcycles will definitely feature most in the new generation bikes. From different breathtaking colors to alloy rims and beautiful leather seats, a good-looking motorcycle will definitely attract any rider. The bikes will have better and more detailed frame rails and seats that are high enough for better handling of the bike.

Whatever type of motorcycle you plan to have in the future, it sure will be different from the previous one you owned as all the top companies are in competition to outdo each other and come up with better, more stylish and safer motorcycles.