Girls Riding Hard – TexMoto On The Journey of Holed1 Series! is an awesome adult site.

When the first page of the site is on your screen it shows a nice big window at the top. This window is playing videos to give you a feel of what the site is all about. Further down the page you see video thumbnails of some of the videos. These thumbnails are large as well. I love that you can see everything. You never have to zoom in or out to be able to make anything more clear. The quality of the videos playing at the top are top notch. They are really clear with no buffering. Almost makes you feel like you are actually there.

One thing I really like about the videos is that the date of the upload is right on the thumbnail. This lets you see at a glance that new material is being loaded all the time.

This is a feature you see on sites where the general public can upload videos, but not normally on the sites that have exclusive content. Another great thing is that the first page is not cluttered at all. It has a clean look and everything is easy to locate. The green boxes at the top and the bottom make this an easy point and click site. It has the feel of an app on a smartphone. It was a great idea to put right on the front page that the videos are shot in 4K Ultra-DEF HD. It lets the consumer know that with this site you will get a really clear picture and you will never have to adjust anything.

The video quality is so good that you it looks just as good in full screen as it does when it’s in its regular size. Over all I would give this site a 10 out of 10.